Atomika Slim concealed hinges are fitted into Aero furniture for an invisible effect.

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Atomika Slim K8060 concealed door hinges are made of high-resistance steel and, thanks to their small size, can be also installed on doors with a minimum thickness of 32 mm, what makes them perfect as furniture hinges.

Serie di madie Aero con applicazione di cerniere a scomparsa koblenz

Art & Design

Slick and elegant lines, stylish and minimalist design, are only some of the features which make the Capo d’Opera collection stand out, they blend craft and continuous research to achieve a high-end design. The starting point is research and testing, the aim is to amaze and arouse emotions. A journey that creates stunning compositions, like works of art that do not follow current fads, but they anticipate them.

The Business

Capo d’Opera is a boutique business, the furniture are high fashion, collector’s items, custom made thanks to a vast collection of surfaces, textures, colours and finishes. All this under the supervision of the owner together with the designer Alessio Bassan.
Detail of open door with concealed hinges Atomika Slim

The AERO line

Clear expression of this aesthetic and sense experience is the range of AERO cabinets: stylish furniture on thin metal frame and brass details. The pleated cabinets doors emphasize this simple luxury, are reminiscent of haute couture clothes and, at the same time, give a strong visual and tactile sensation.

The strength of this original style gives a sense of substance and airiness and a game of opposite effects which makes the Capo d’Opera creations so original and unique.

Detail of an Aero cabinet with open doors and atomika slim concealed hinges

The Atomika Slim concealed hinges

It is exactly in this game of opposites between simplicity and style, linearity, and luxury that the choice of the concealed hinges Atomika Slim K8060 blends well.

Unobtrusive, invisible, and available in a vast range of colours with Full HD finishes, these door hinges with load capacity up to 60 Kg find their place also in the furniture industry, as invisible cabinet hinges.

Made of high resistance steel with a cold drawing production cycle and 3D adjustable, the invisible hinges of the Atomika range are hidden between door and jamb, invisible, and offer long lasting high performance.


Original work: AERO furniture – Manufacturer: Capo d’OperaArtistic Director: Silvano Pierdona’ – Designer: Alessio Bassan – Krona Koblenz Kits: Concealed hinge Atomika Slim K8060Town: Revine Lago (TV), Italy.




is a KRONA KOBLENZ product

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Available in nine different finishes, the Atomika concealed hinges are architectural components for stylistic design.


Atomika concealed door hinge is invisible and enhance the style of the door.


The Atomika hinges are safe to use and suitable for residential and commercial applications thanks to various certificates of compliance.


The Atomika invisible hinges are made of high resistance steel for a longer life and resilience.


The Atomika concealed hinges cover a wide range of load capacity.


Easy to adjust in three dimensions to achieve the correct alignment of the door.

* K distance is the distance between the door edge and the hinge edge. The K-Max means is the maximum K-distance that allows the correct rotation of the door from 0 ° to 180 °).