ATOMIKA concealed hinges and Concept doors, a question of style: minimalist design and pure lines

Concealed hinges

When you imagine a door you immediately think of a dividing element that separates two rooms and that emerges from the wall in an evident way: it creates detachment and discontinuity, breaks the harmony and the lines of the wall.
However, modern architecture has led to an evolution of this idea of a door, with a significant change in its aesthetic perception as a partition element.

The doors thus become design components that fit harmoniously into the environment, maintaining its visual and decorative continuity until they themselves become an integral and personalized part of the space.

view of Jesolo apartments with doors flush to wall thanks to the atomika concealed hinges

The company

Precisely this new vision is the basis of the work of Lessio Porte which imagines and carries out its idea of doors, no longer as doors themselves but as actual furnishing components, original and functional. An idea that starts from the union between artisan tradition and innovation, between art and research, between uniqueness and quality.

Minimalist door with Koblenz concealed hinges in detail

Lessio Porte originates as a small artisan workshop and grew over the years specializing in the manufacturing of interior doors. 
More than a company, today it is a real door designer shop with 8 different collections and the possibility of creating customized doors. An atelier where the door as a product is designed and created with a a lot of care of the design but without neglecting the highest quality

The project

A building characterized by white interior elements that emphasize a strongly minimal style and where natural light spreads thanks to large glass walls. The choice of doors played an essential role in maintaining the continuity of the interior design: the LC_03 model of the Concept Line, with 240 cm doors of an ice white colour, perfectly underlines the strong sense of spaciousness and airiness.
The “reverse” opening type becomes a further distinctive design element. The doors are coplanar from the outer side with an opening direction towards inside the room: the result is a jamb hidden from the external side and therefore a greater continuity between the doors and the walls.

ATOMIKA Slim K8060 concealed hinges

In order to install the doors, ATOMIKA Slim K8060 door hinges were selected which allowed a major opeing fluidity. Made of high-resistance steel, the K8060 invisible hinges stand out for their high performance over time and for their outstanding resistance to fire and adverse weather conditions.
With a capacity of 60 kg, they made it possible to create pure and linear installations perfectly matching the minimalist style of the rooms and with the Concept Line doors design.

Cerniera invisibile Atomika k8060

Concept range

The concept range was created following a new vision in the door design. Glass, rock, marble, concrete, leather and wood, precious and innovative materials are combined with each other assuming innovative artistic values. The result is the doors meant to be distinctive furnishing elements that become an integral part of the design of any environment. The union between aesthetic innovation and artisan tradition is the cornerstone of the stylistic choice of these products.
The range that is not only developed for pure aesthetic virtuosity. The quality of the materials and the internal structure are the other strengths of the Concept Line doors.


Work: Condo building  – Location:  Jesolo(VE) – Manufacturer: Lessio Porte Solutions Lessio Porte: LC_03 doors, linea ConceptSolutions Krona Koblenz: concealed hinge Atomika Slim K8060




is a KRONA KOBLENZ product

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Available in nine different finishes, the Atomika concealed hinges are architectural components for stylistic design.


Atomika concealed door hinge is invisible and enhance the style of the door.


The Atomika hinges are safe to use and suitable for residential and commercial applications thanks to various certificates of compliance.


The Atomika invisible hinges are made of high resistance steel for a longer life and resilience.


The Atomika concealed hinges cover a wide range of load capacity.


Easy to adjust in three dimensions to achieve the correct alignment of the door.

* K distance is the distance between the door edge and the hinge edge. The K-Max means is the maximum K-distance that allows the correct rotation of the door from 0 ° to 180 °).