A single family residence


In the suburbs of Mungia (Bizkaia) municipality, lost in the natural environment, there is a one-floor single family house  where we can see a strong connection between the home interior design and the surrounding nature. You can enjoy spectacular views thanks to numerous large glass walls keeping its privacy, however. 

The view

From the bathroom you can enjoy the nature at any time of the year, turning a simple shower into an absolute  fusion with the extraordinary environment

The idea

It is a dry-stone wall construction with thermal and acoustic insulation elements  and other features. Besides, some passive insulation solutions, floor and aerothermal heating  were applied.  
Moreover, the structure takes the advantage of the exernal lighting in every room. The building is represented on a rectangular map  and various areas are connected by corridors, with large windows or light cubes projecting it towards outdoors. 

The sliding door system

Right at the entrance you will get into a large bright living-room which is separated from the kitchen with 2 sliding doors, absolutely hidden in the central dividing walls when being open. 

The doors made of iron and glass were installed with a Mekkit3D sliding system, in its EGO version for the flush to floor and ceiling doors without an upper beam. 

Why to choose it

A long corridor lit by numerous external glass walls leads to different rooms through a series of sliding doors made of polished wood and iron, with the installation of Mekkit3D sliding system as well. A special design of this passage was studied to allow the external lighting into the rooms, offering a contemporary aesthetic solution in the minimalist style of the project.   

Built-in wardrobe

Another passage area, diagonal to the main one, was turned into a real closet of the owner’s room, using every centimeter of the two walls thanks to 2 wall cabinets designed and created  in the way to make a low visual impact  when the doors are closed. The final effect is made by the 2 white walls which conceal  a large useful space, hidden behind the fine design and functionality of the Kubikina furniture  hinges adjustable in 3 axes  by Krona Koblenz.


Pocket door kit for plasterboard


Concealed furniture hinge with 3 djustments. capacity 10,5/14/19 kg and door thickness from 18 to 60 mm


Work: A single family residence.

Place: Mungia, Bilbao.

Architectural Studio: View Arkitektura.

Technical architect: Mikel Valderrama.

Environmental consultant: Jorge Rodriquez and Ugaitz Gaztelu.

Krona Koblenz solutions: Mekkit3D for sliding doors, Kubikina hinge.

Photo: Josema Cutillas.



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