A modern villa with luxurious lines where the doors hinges disappear into the walls

Concealed hinges

Modern architecture is constantly evolving to develop increasingly comfortable and human-friendly interior environments. Everything is designed in detail, and nothing is left to chance. Doors are also reinvented. Thanks to the Koblenz doors concealed hinges, the doors perfectly “disappear” into the wall.  Therefore the concept of partition falls into an increasingly modern and pondered architecture, where there is no longer space for unnecessary or partitioning elements. Everything is connected in making a sense of cleanliness and continuity that reassures and creates beauty.


Located in Puçol, near Valencia, this single-family house has a rational and sophisticated architecture with several rectangular volumes, whose vertical and horizontal lines contrast with the surrounding garden and swimming pool, for a final result of great formal beauty. Its structure consists of two parallelepipeds superimposed on another cubic volume, following the north-south orientation and favoring therefore natural ventilation, as well as greater exposure to the light, also favored by the choice of applying large glass walls in the various environments of the facade.

The internal environments

The entrance of the villa on the ground floor opens to a living area which is divided into two large spaces: on one side there is the large living room, the kitchen and an office. On the other side there is the private area with a master double bedroom with private bathroom, dressing room and access to the terrace, as well as three other bedrooms and a bathroom.
The living room leads to the upper floor which is characterized by large suspended balconies facing south.
The house is completed with a large basement where there is a garage, a pantry, a gym, a games room and a service bedroom.

The adopted solutions

The EGO system is ideal for connecting the different rooms of the house. Without jambs or frames and with a minimalist design, EGO is the perfect door for a linear and elegant environment. Its structure consists of an aluminum frame welded into a single element, to give structural solidity and rigidity.

The combination with the KUBICA K6200 hinges for doors allows a perfect flush-to-wall installation with a result of maximum discretion thanks to the many finishes available, all strictly full HD.


Work: Single family villa. – Location: Urbanization of the monasteries of Pucol (Valencia). – Architects: SSMDV ARQUITECTOS, Santiago Sanjuan, María Dolores Lucia Sanjuan. – Photography: German Cabo. – Krona Koblenz solutions: EGO system for swing and sliding doors, doors concealed hinges Kubica K6200 



KUBICA K6200 concealed hinge

is a KRONA KOBLENZ product

Panoramica degli interni di un soggiorno con dettaglio sulla porta con cerniere a scomparsa koblenz


Available in ten different finishes, the KUBICA K6200 concealed hinges are architectural components for stylistic design.


KUBICA K6200 hinges are invisible and enhance the style of the door.


The KUBICA K6200 hinges are safe to use and suitable for residential and commercial applications thanks to various certificates of compliance.


The KUBICA K6200 hinges for wooden doors are made of Zamak, an alloy of zinc and aluminum with characteristics of mechanical resistance and dimensional stability over time.


KUBICA K6200 guarantees a load capacity of 45 kg with the installation of 2 hinges, which goes up to 60 kg with 3 or 4 installed hinges.


Easy and intuitive adjustments in height, width and depth guarantee a correct position of the door in a very short time.

* K distance is the distance between the door edge and the hinge edge. The K-Max means is the maximum K-distance that allows the correct rotation of the door from 0 ° to 180 °).