Exclusive solution for furniture with pivot sliding doors at the AparthotelPalacio de Yrisarri

Systems for furniture

The furniture with pivot sliding doors is an essential element of the minimalist design of environment with limited space, with an extreme attention to single details, trying to trying to hide every little disturbing detail. Here New Darwin system enters the game and allows to hide the whole working or service areas  within a little piece of furniture simply opening the doors which then disappear on the sides, revealing the working space without any  elements of disturbance or hindrance.


IrriSarri Land is a rural resort and adventure park situated in Igantzi, in the North of Navarra, in the CincoVillas del Baztan-Bidasoa region. You can find it in a 30 minutes distance from the Basque Coast and it covers an area of 75 hectares.


The Aparthotel Palacio de Yrisarri is a noble building of the sixteenth century divided into 4 floors and is situated inside the Irisarri Land theme park, a touristic complex designed for families that enjoy the nature and sports. After the reconstruction the modern and classic styles got perfectly combined between its thick stone walls, the oak structure and a warm attic. Restored as a hotel the building has a hall, a lobby with a chimney, a library and a restaurant with a terrace on the ground floor, while on the upper floors  17 rooms are located.

The suite rooms with a country side view have a modern style with wooden furniture and finishes.

The rooms of the Palacio de Yrisarri have a living room, and in major case san integrated kitchen. A small kitchen consists of a furniture piece with pivot sliding doors, black lacquered and equipped with a microwave, a fridge and a dish-washer.  In order to stick to a minimalist design of the rooms the kitchen are purposefully hidden, so that when not used they are hidden from the view to reach the highest level of discretion of the environment. In order to create this effect the interior designer Javier Alfaro has chosen to install New Darwin pivot sliding system by KronaKoblenz.

The choice of the pivot sliding system for furniture

New Darwin is a furniture system with pivot sliding doors which allows to hide the kitchen, study or service area cabinets, it’s a system designed for a perfect  maneuverability. The doors slide smoothly and close silently, to stay completely hidden on the furniture sides, or completely unfolded to hide the inside when the cabinet itself is closed.

The model for single doors is available today in the version of New Darwin 2.0 with hinges with an integrated damper which provides the door soft closing. 


Work: ApartotelPalacio de Yrisarri  – Location: Igantzi (Navarra) – Interior Designer: Javier Alfaro – Promoter: IrriSarri Land. Vacation center Irisarri di Igantzi, S.L. – Architect: Asoarq. Associated architects. – Solutions KronaKoblenz: Pivot sliding system for furniture new Darwin 2.0 single door – Photo: Jorge Moreno, Courtesy of IrriSarri Land.




is a KRONA KOBLENZ product


The damper can be adapted to the door weight up to 50 kg keeping the correct functioning.


At the moment it is the only system on the market equipped with an integrated hinge damper, no need for any additional accessories.


Once installed, there is no need to follow the door while closing what is much more comfortable in its daily use.

SILENt and safe

The door softly completes its closing route without hitting the furniture. It reduces the risk of hurting hands or fingers by squeezing them especially in younger children,

System for pivot sliding cabinets New Darwin 2.0