A home from the future

Sliding door kit

Among old brick buildings and small shops you will find a nice house coming from the future.

Its glass facade covered with the metal panels made of perforated stainless steel sheets attracts the attention of every passer-by.

This extraordinary facade of contrasts is a desired result as its glass window provides the perfect lighting, as if the light penetrated inside from a skylight, while its metal covering protects the outside without limiting the luminosity.

The application of the direct and indirect light switches your attention from outside to inside. Actually, if the outside is amazing, the inside will not leave you indifferent either. All the spaces are designed in an absolutely modern way, both in terms of the approach and the applied materials. In this sense the colours of the usually used glass, steel and earth make an interesting contrast. The doors used in the whole project are glass and wooden sliding doors, installed with System EXTeRUS by Krona Koblenz, a sliding door system with rollers in view which adorn the door and become real pieces of décor.


Work: a single-family residence located  on the Barcelona coast

Architect: Iván Valle Rodríguez.

Interior Designer: Bárbara Hermida. 

Photographer: Jordi Canosa. 

Krona Koblenz solutions: EXTeRUS



Sistema scorrevole di design per porte in legno e vetro