Hotel Qgat project Krona Koblenz

The location

Qgat hotel is located in an old farm house a stone’s throw from the center, in the famous business and leisure district of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona).
The hotel has got 30 spacious and light rooms, large gardens, terraces and an exclusive business area in modern minimalist style.


The business area differs in particular with a great elegance and authenticity of the environment which are featured with light, clean and discreet spaces. This effect, is obtained thanks to the combination of large glass windows and walls covered with stones and wood with big wooden soundproof doors.

The product

For the installation of these large doors have been chosen KUBICA K6700 concealed hinges. Thanks to their characteristics of resistance and capacity up to 70 kg, they guarantee a smooth and safe movement of the doors.


Work: Restructuring of the Qgat Hotel business area. – Location: Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona). – Architect: Paraservis Estudio. – Krona Koblenz SolutionsKubica K6700 Hinge.



is a KRONA KOBLENZ product


Available in seven different finishes, the KUBICA K6700 concealed hinges are architectural components for stylistic design.


KUBICA K6700 hinges are invisible and enhance the style of the door.


The KUBICA K6700 hinges are safe to use and suitable for residential and commercial applications thanks to various certificates of compliance.


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Easy to adjust in three dimensions to achieve the correct alignment of the door.


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