KUBICA invisible door hinges for the doors of Ethia Clinic

Concealed hinges

The concealed hinge for doors

Flush mounting hinged doors is a design choice that offers functionality and style. Invisible door hinges by Koblenz offer performance, quality and style. Flush mounting makes the doors almost invisible and perfectly integrated in the wall.

The building

The new Ethia Clinic, Bilbao, Spain, has 364 sqm on two levels. The indoor space shows consistency in colour in all rooms with the only exception of the natural Oak wall corridor. In the rooms, made to measure furniture items are integrated and everything is housed inside built-in (fitted) wardrobes for an enhanced sense of order and cleanliness. The lighting is hidden in the ceiling, except for the original composition of suspended white lamps at the entrance.

The stylistic choice

To emphasise the consistency in the design, the choice of the communicating doors is key, as their high number and their size may affect the overall minimalistic design of the clinic.
The choice of the EGO systems allows a perfect integration between door and wall, heighten the sense of calm and appealing style and, at the same time, respects the image of the clinic.

The invisible door hinges

The EGO system for hinged doors is made of a welded aluminium single sturdy framework which offers structural rigidity. Integrated inside a wall, allows flush mounting door solutions in combination with the invisible door hinges KUBICA K6200.

Invisible hinges KUBICA K6200 fitted on EGO hinged doors

The sliding door system

EGO Sliding systems has been chosen for the pocket doors with the flush to the ceiling mounting solution, with no track on the floor, and so consistent with the minimalist design and cleanliness of the whole complex. Light control is also possible thanks to the adjustable wheel system and so assuring the highest aesthetic result.


Building: Ethia, Advanced Medical Beauty Clinic – Location: Bilbao, Spain – Interior design: Mado Sanchez MADEINBI. – Photos: Josema Cutillas – Architectural solutions: EGO systems for sliding and hinged doors, invisible door hinges Kubica K6200.



KUBICA K6200 concealed hinge

is a KRONA KOBLENZ product

Panoramica degli interni di un soggiorno con dettaglio sulla porta con cerniere a scomparsa koblenz


Available in ten different finishes, the KUBICA K6200 concealed hinges are architectural components for stylistic design.


KUBICA K6200 hinges are invisible and enhance the style of the door.


The KUBICA K6200 hinges are safe to use and suitable for residential and commercial applications thanks to various certificates of compliance.


The KUBICA K6200 hinges for wooden doors are made of Zamak, an alloy of zinc and aluminum with characteristics of mechanical resistance and dimensional stability over time.


KUBICA K6200 guarantees a load capacity of 45 kg with the installation of 2 hinges, which goes up to 60 kg with 3 or 4 installed hinges.


Easy and intuitive adjustments in height, width and depth guarantee a correct position of the door in a very short time.

* K distance is the distance between the door edge and the hinge edge. The K-Max means is the maximum K-distance that allows the correct rotation of the door from 0 ° to 180 °).