Iturriza Inn

Door frames

The project

On the second floor of an enormous building in the old district of San Sebastian Iturrizada Inn is located.

It is a low-cost project but full of productive and creative solutions, which have turned an open space of 120 sq m into a small hotel of 6 rooms with a lobby and a reception area.

A challenge for architect Lucía Zubiaurre Muguruza, who managed to achieve its goal and arrange the space accordingly with a well-balance and smooth aesthetics.


The door systems

The continuity of the spaces and light together with the simplicity of the materials led to the decision to install EGO flush doors without jambs by KronaKoblenz which became a part of the wall repeating its silk-screen print decoration and creating continuity.

Without a doubt the greatest challenge of the project was the space-share. In order to do it each square meter had to be used in the most rational way to make as many rooms as possible keeping the required size of the desired hotel category. 

 For this reason KOMPATTO frame was chosen for the bathroom sliding doors of the 6 rooms which allowed to save at least one square meter in each room.


Work: Iturriza Inn. Location: San Sebastian. Architect: Lucia Zubiaurre Muguruza. Krona Koblenz Solutions: Doors of the EGO range and KOMPATTO pocket box.




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