Atomika concealed hinges K8060 and Veneri lacquered doors

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Modern trends and style in the creation of a living space increasingly outline a continuous search for a sensorial aesthetic that is also highly functional. There is a need to create the environment with an highly upgraded design, which also induces experiential sensations without leaving apart the functionality, ever more advanced. In these terms, the doors become key elements in the aesthetic appearance of the space, which must be as free as possible from interrupting and disturbing elements. For this reason, even small details must be carefully weighed, such as the choice of concealed hinges which, unlike classic visible hinges, disappear into the door creating continuity in the design.

Installation of Veneri doors with concealed hinges K8060


A tailor-made and clear style, which combines perfectly with the constant search for high quality raw materials to create and supply luxurious windows and doors. The idea represented by the creations of  Veneri Carpentry leads to a constant search for lines and shapes that adapt to the personal preferences of the individual customer. A highly refined and personalized design, but always with an eye on the raw materials: resistant and non-toxic paints, long-lasting hardware and, above all, the best wood.


Why the Wood

In a world increasingly sensitive to the concept of the eco-friendly and recyclable, the use of wood turns out to be the most sensible choice. It is a natural material and as such it is renewable, easy to recycle and dispose of, but it is also a technical material with exceptional insulating and hygroscopic qualities for managing humidity. Wood is also a warm, tactile material with its own charm: the colour, structure and grain are all aesthetic characteristics that make it unique.


Veneri has been working with wood for more than 70 years using cutting-edge machinery and producing high-value windows and doors. Thanks to the experienced and skilled carpenters, Veneri doors are the items of a high precision and of a great accuracy: skills and passion highlight every phase of the creation of the products, right from the choice of raw materials, exclusively of high quality.   


ATOMIKA concealed hinges

Precisely this search for quality led Veneri Carpentry to opt for high-level hardware and to choose the ATOMIKA Slim K8060 concealed hinge for the doors of this project.

Made of steel, made with innovative and eco-friendly technologies, this door hinge is highly performing: 3 axes adjustable, equipped with anti-wear bushings and supplied in various full HD finishes. The invisible Atomika hinges disappear completely when the door is closed, guaranteeing high performance over time, fire resistance  and unfavourable weather conditions.

Detailed installation of Atomika K8060 concealed hinges on lacquered design doors


Work:  Veneri Doors – Manufacturer: Veneri Carpentry – Solutions KronaKoblenz: concealed hinge AtomikaSlim K8060 – Location: San Benedetto Po (MN)




is a KRONA KOBLENZ product

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Available in nine different finishes, the Atomika concealed hinges are architectural components for stylistic design.


Atomika concealed door hinge is invisible and enhance the style of the door.


The Atomika hinges are safe to use and suitable for residential and commercial applications thanks to various certificates of compliance.


The Atomika invisible hinges are made of high resistance steel for a longer life and resilience.


The Atomika concealed hinges cover a wide range of load capacity.


Easy to adjust in three dimensions to achieve the correct alignment of the door.

K distance is the distance between the door edge and the hinge edge. The K-Max means is the maximum K-distance that allows the correct rotation of the door from 0 ° to 180 °).