Malaga airport general aviation terminal

Sliding door kit


Located in the southern part of Malaga Airport, General Aviation Terminal receives private flights, airtaxi, aviation school and other activities in this sector.

The area of the facility built in the style of the 40s takes about 3500 mq on three floors showing high quality and comfort level .

General aviation terminal in Malaga


You can see various offices, bathrooms, kitchens, a small waiting room and 2 VIP halls on the ground floor. The largest one overlooks the runway and you can enter there through a sliding double door made of tempered glass installed with Exterus system fixed to the wall with a hand-polished steel track and design rollers.


Work: a new terminal of the General Avation Facility of Malaga Airport.

Architect: Angel Asenjo Architectural Studio and associates, S.L. 

Promotor: AENA.

Constructor: Drace.

Krona Koblenz Solutions:  EXTeRUS sliding system for sungle and double doors, solutions for glass doors with steel rollers.

The sliding door system

You can enter the hall through a small corridor where four sliding single doors are installed with the same Exterus system, from which you can get into a little waiting room as well. Although it is quite a narrow area for communication and passage, the application of Exterus sliding system allows to arrange quite flowing transfers without blind spaces and more light in the area.


Sliding system for glass and wooden doors