Malaga airport general aviation terminal

General aviation terminal in Malaga

Place Located in the southern part of Malaga Airport, General Aviation Terminal receives private flights, airtaxi, aviation school and other activities in this sector. The area of the facility built in the style of the 40s takes about 3500 mq on three floors showing high quality and comfort level . Spaces You can see various […]

TRICKS goes to University. Margherita Grasso sees several uses for our sliding system TRICKS.

Precedente Successivo Margherita Grasso won a scholarship co-financed between Krona Koblenz and the Italian Institute of Design in Perugia, Italy. The Scholaship was open to students of the 1st and 2nd academic year that, with the supervision of Arch Francesco Pecorari (Chair of Interior Design ) and Dr Marcello Cannarsa (Chair of Product Design), were invited to […]

Loft in Poblenou

Dettaglio interni loft in Poblenou

Ylab studio approves this integral architectural project in a house of around 100 m2 situated in the district el poblenou of barcellona.

A single family residence

Abitazione unifamiliare

In the suburbs of mungia (bizkaia) municipality, lost in the natural environment, there is a one-floor single family house where we can see a strong connection between the home interior design and the surrounding nature.

A home from the future

Among old brick buildings and small shops you will find a nice house coming from the future. Its glass facade covered with the metal panels made of perforated stainless steel sheets attracts the attention of every passer-by. This extraordinary facade of contrasts is a desired result as its glass window provides the perfect lighting, as […]

Hotel Qgat project Krona Koblenz

An old farming house, renovated with the play of glass windows and wood, becomes an exclusive hotel in a minimalist and modern style