TRICKS goes to University. Margherita Grasso sees several uses for our sliding system TRICKS.

Sliding door kit

Margherita Grasso won a scholarship co-financed between Krona Koblenz and the Italian Institute of Design in Perugia, Italy. 

The Scholaship was open to students of the 1st and 2nd academic year that, with the supervision of Arch Francesco Pecorari (Chair of Interior Design ) and Dr Marcello Cannarsa (Chair of Product Design), were invited to be creative in the use of Krona Koblenz products.

Margherita Grasso reinterpretation of the possible uses of TRICKS stood out thanks to its originality.

TRICKS is the Krona Koblenz trackless sliding mechanism for doors and cabinet panels. The trackless sliding panels, when closed, can create flexible working areas, whiteboards, noticeboards and screens for projectors. Not only doors, but flexible panels that help the efficient use of a work environment and, at the same time, create a sleek and stylish working space.


Project: by Margherita Grasso

Competition promoter: Istituto Italiano Design, Perugia

Krona Koblenz solutions: TRICKS



The new concealed system for sliding doors fixed to the wall without any wheels on the floor.