Loft in Poblenou

YLAB studio approves this integral architectural project in a house of around 100 m2 situated in the district El Poblenou of Barcellona.
The project objectives are aimed at better lighting and ventilation of the facade filters and redesigning the space in order to remove the useless divisions and create a space according to the owner’s request. 
From one side there will be created  a spacious area for a living-room, a dining-room, a library, a study and a kitchen, from the other side there will be a private unit, half-closed, with a bedroom and a private bathroom for guests.

This “private” unit is created with a division system of the bedroom with a sliding wooden door  which is hidden between the bathroom and closet walls. In this way the room can be separated as a private space o completely open for the rest of the area.  Another sliding wooden wall, also hidden behind the closet, allows to divide the living-room and if necessary turn it into a guest room. These walls glide thanks to a sliding system with a track flush to the ceiling, without any rails on the floor, and thanks to K Art 120 + 0600 system by Krona Koblenz. This system contain damped rollers developed to absorb the noise while sliding. 

The bathrooms are placed on a higher wooden level. They are divided with a wall on one side and separated from other areas with several transparent sliding glass doors which create a different level of privacy  in comparison with the open space. The same dividing system is applied inside to separate the two bathrooms with the application of a sliding glass door System 1760 by Krona Koblenz.  As a result we can see the illumination and shade effect  which multiply the light, what makes the bathroom brighter which contrasts to the warm environment of the rest of the house. 


K Art 120 + System 0600

Sliding system for wooden doors

System 1760/80 ABS

Sliding system for glass doors


Work: interior renovation of a house. 

Place: Barcelona. 

Architects: YLAB Arquitectos. Tobias Laarmann and Yolanda Yuste. 

Krona Koblenz solutions: Sliding system K Art 120 + System 0600 and System 1760

Photo: Raúl Candales.



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