Residence in Petrer

Concealed hinges

In order to highlight the importance of space, architect Pablo Muñoz Payá developed the renovation of a 3-storied building which can be distinguished with its utility approach and a complex system of continuous closets.  

The environment is well lit and spacious, everything is made in evidence of the minimalist style, what is underlined by the installation of flush to wall wooden doors  with EGO system by Krona Koblenz.

Among various areas a bedroom with a particular structure captures the attention, actually it was designed for a double function. 

A flexible section made of four wooden panels installed with concealed hinges  KUBI7 K7000 by Krona Koblenz, makes it possible to totally open  the room when it is not used as a bedroom what creates quite spacious room perfect as a temporary living-room.  

KUBI7 K7000

Concealed door hinge


Work: Residence in Petrer. 

Place: Petrer (Alicante). 

Architect: Pablo Muñoz Payá Arquitectos. 

Carpentry: J. C. Iborra C.B. 

Solutions Krona Koblenz: Ego for hinged doors, Hinge K7000.

Photo: David Frutos.