Elegant wooden rooms and concealed door frames in a villa with a unique style

Door frames

Why choose a counter frame for sliding and swing doors

The use of the EGO system allows you to realize a concealed and totally customizable solution with an hinged or sliding door frame, for a result with a clean design and no disturbing elements. The door thus stops being a simple element of division between the rooms and becomes a piece of furniture that integrates into the walls and surrounding spaces, generating a sense of continuity and harmony.

The project

In this single-family apartment in San Sebastian, the interiors were designed with comfortable simple and externally open spaces in order to highlight the natural lighting. The applied materials are essential: walls of ivory colour, floors, stairs and doors of Cabreuva wood.

Sliding and hinged doors made of EGO model go up to the ceiling and disappear without leaving any trace of their presence.

The building

The home is placed on three levels: the basement as a garage, a laundry and a recreation area for leisure time. On the ground floor with lighting coming from outside there is a living-room, a dining-room and a kitchen. The latter two areas can be united or separated with a large sliding panel of transparent glass and 2 EGO hinged doors, white-painted.

Going upstairs from the entrance you can arrive at the upper floor where there is a corridor with a series of EGO sliding doors which will bring you to the most private rooms of the house: three rooms with the same number of bathrooms and a dressing room of the main bedroom, from where you can enjoy the picturesque view of the city and the mountains in the distance


Work: a single-family residence. – Location: San Sebastián (Basque region). – Architect: LARRONDO Architectural Studio – Elena Salegui. – Photographer: José Manuel Cutillas. – KronaKoblenz Solutions: EGO.