Koblenz sliding door systems at Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau

Sliding door kit

Introduction: the sliding door system

Krona Koblenz sliding door systems are stylish and save space compared to the side hung doors and they offer smooth and quiet operation both for the pocket door configuration as well as the wall application.

View from the Jardin Segreto of the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau

The Project

Commissioned by SJM Resorts, S.A. (“SJM”), the remarkable and ambitious Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau stands in the Cotai district; a well-known area in Macau for its entertainment industry.
On 128 acres (52 hectares), this grand integrated Resort is the result of the teamwork between SJM and WATG Architectural practice in fulfilling a vision.
The Resort is a fusion of European Renaissance Art, Chinese decoration patterns and the multi-coloured life and culture of Macau. Completed in the summer of 2021, the result is a charming marriage of tradition, cutting edge technology, and style.

The whole Resort is a wonderful blend of organic architecture. This includes the 75,000 square metre retail mall which is anchored by the 15,000 square metre NY8 New Yaohan department store, and the 7,500 square metre luxury duty-free cdf Macau Grand Lisboa Palace Shop. The Resort also contains a European styled secret garden-Jardim Secreto, a wedding pavilion, a 27,000 square metre casino, award-winning restaurants, various eateries, and close to 1,900 rooms and suites in three hotel towers, all with their own spas, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and health clubs: Grand Lisboa Palace Macau, THE KARL LAGERFELD and the Versace Macau Palazzo.

Grand Lisboa Palace Macau

The largest hotel tower of the Resort, Grand Lisboa Palace Macau has 1,350 rooms and suites, all with room service and views of Cotai or Jardim Secreto. The building is elegant and reminiscent of Macau’s brilliant cultural heritage with a mix of western and oriental design for a refined and sophisticated experience.

The Karl Lagerfeld

THE KARL LAGERFELD is the only hotel in the world that was entirely designed by the namesake fashion icon. This ultra-luxury example of limitless inventiveness offers a real journey in the attractive vision of the designer. Every aspect of the 271 rooms and suites of the hotel embody Karl Lagerfeld’s contemporary residential sensibility and distinct aesthetic vision with absolute hospitality and style.

View of the suite with the Krona Koblenz pocked doors

Palazzo Versace Macau

Palazzo Versace Macau will be the first luxury five star hotel in Macau to be designed by one of the world’s leading fashion houses, and the first Palazzo Versace in Asia. The meticulous care of the Italian fashion house is immediately striking by way of the interior décor, the furnishings of the 271 rooms and suites, the wellness facilities, the elegant restaurant, and the shops.


The stylish sliding door system

This search for elegance and discretion down to the smallest detail has transformed the usually dividing and breaking elements, such as doors, into real design elements that have become an integral and essential part of furnishing a space. Smooth and quiet movements of doors are key to insure the harmony and aesthetic vision of the designer. For this reason, the reliable Krona Koblenz 0500 system and the 0600 system were chosen to be used at Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau to insure long life and smooth movement of the doors concealed inside the finely decorated walls.



Job: Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau – Integrated resort  – Location: Macau – Architect: WATG design firm – Client: SJM Resort. – Dealer: Keytech. – Krona Koblenz Solutions: pocket door systems System 0500 and System 0600




Sliding door systems SYSTEM 0500 & SYSTEM 0600

are KRONA KOBLENZ products

Details of the doors equipped with the Krona Koblenz sliding systems 0500 and 0600 in the Createur Suite.


Kit 0500 door suspension system


Kit 0600 door suspension system