Sliding door systems in a minimalist style single-family residence

Sliding door kit

Why choose a sliding door?

Opting for sliding doors installation can bring many advantages as long as you choose quality sliding systems. The most immediate aspect is certainly the gaining more useful space  which, especially in small houses. You can discover a precious look and anything what seemed inevident. But the aesthetic rendering of design installations where the sliding doors are applied,  should not be underestimated either.

Full-wall sliding door with Koblenz sliding systems


From its position residence Hama4 designed by Design Houses studio enjoys a privileged view highlighted with a mountain archway which surround the town of San Sebastian. You can easily see the desire to introduce the residence into the context of the surrounding environment through its look.

The building

The residence starts with an internal empty space with two levels in height which accesses the area of a spacious living-room with the landscape view.

The rest of the building is based on this central element: a groundfloor with quite a rigid minimalist design with its concrete walls and a glass façade with a view to a swimming-pool outside. 


The sliding system

This room is divided into two by a large sliding panel four meters long that becomes a real sliding wall and glides thanks to Kart 120, a revolutionary silent sliding system with capacity up to 120 kg.

The wardrobe

The inner design could be motionless if not for the decoration elements of the house. An almost unnoticed element in this minimalist architecture is a big closet with sliding doors. Its wooden doors move without touching the floor due to the upper sliding system 0600 by Krona Koblenz.


Work: Hama 4. – Place: San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa. – Architectural Studio: Design Houses. Alejandro Peña – Juan Josè Arrizabalaga. – Photo: Jordi Canosa. – Krona Koblenz solutions: sliding systems K Art 120 and System 0600/80.



Sliding system SYSTEM 0600

is a KRONA KOBLENZ product


Die-cast Zamak rollers, with TPE intermediate element to absorb obstacles while sliding. Delrin wheels with ball bearings


The application of the 0600 sliding system makes it possible to create internal / external sliding solutions


The application of the ABS device for capacities of 60 and 120 kg allows a soft closing of the door in both directions


The 0600 sliding system can be installed on wooden doors with a minimum thickness of 28 mm


SYSTEM 0600 guarantees a capacity of up to 120 kg


The height adjustment up to ± 3 mm guarantees a correct positioning of the door in a short time